SO Much Planning!

So right now I am working on 8 weddings all scheduled to commence in the summer of 2020 – talk about a work load! Each and every event is unique and none of my brides are easy!

I hold the hand of each and every bride from start to finish. Some require a more hands on approach than others, but this week has been so hands on. Two brides and two trips to bridal stores for dresses….talk about drama.

Honestly – when it comes to wedding dress shopping — I recommend a few things, firstly identify your style. Don’t deviate from it. There are hundreds if not thousands of dress options. Pick your style and stick with it. Brides drive themselves crazy looking at everything from lace to modern in one sitting.

Weddings are BIG days — it is important to find a dress that works and is within budget, but stick within your guidelines and means – it makes the process so much easier. Brides have many other things to consider – the dress is such a small part of it.

The huge wedding is coming together, it is going to be a stunning event and I can’t wait to share more information and pictures. I’ve lucked out with some of the best vendors to help pull this event together.

It makes a world of difference for a planner when vendors are self sufficient and know exactly what they are doing. It is wonderful to see a new person in our field, forging their way to new horizons — but it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to hold their hand too.

I’ve gone through so many catering, dj, and limo services that just don’t have it together. I’m blessed to have a concise list of vendors that I know will get the job done regardless of how outlandish my request. Nashville is certainly flooded with pseudo-exert service providers; many of which offer great pricing to my brides but that all comes with a trade off.

In the events business it is always best to pay for the best — after all it is your wedding, you want it right.

Until next time!